our culture

At AAI, we believe the first half of our greatest asset is our employees. We believe if you know the value of an asset, you treat it according to its true worth and value. We appreciate and value our employees’ contributions to our company daily and demonstrate it in ways and means that are of value to them. Using this philosophy, we believe it has created a culture and atmosphere that is fueled by highly motivated professional team players, who are mission focused and success-oriented and incredibly loyal.

We know after years of practice, that these forces combined has consistently generated best-in-class solutions and superior job performance by our team. The second benefit of this philosophy and practice guarantees that our customers, who are the other half of our greatest asset, have their expectations not just met, but exceeded by AAI and its team on a daily basis, which creates a win/win/win for all stakeholders.

cleared & experienced professionals

As our customer base diversifies, our need for highly skilled professionals expands. Subject matter expertise is critical and at AAI, many opportunities are becoming available for professionals with previous work experience. Don’t be discouraged if you lack a security clearance.

We will have more opportunities for you, too. Many times, our client requirements have allowances for our staff to acquire a security clearance on the job, if the employee should need one.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the AAI office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

diversity and inclusion

We promote diversity in the workplace and our communities.

employing our veterans

At AAI, a Service Disabled Veteran and Woman Owned Small Business, we give priority to our fellow brothers and sisters in arms that have served to protect and defend the freedoms we all enjoy in our hiring and recruitment processes in accordance with the law and our personal commitment to our veteran community.

As a company-wide standard, AAI goes the extra mile to ensure our veterans are sourced through many platforms, such as job boards, current veteran employee referrals, and other resources available to us. In addition to the above-listed processes, AAI prides itself in utilizing the following additional processes and procedures in our recruitment process to seek out and employ fellow veterans:

  • The use of efficient and effective solutions such as posting job openings on websites that are prone to having frequent veteran users.
  • We often survey our internal veteran employees to get an understanding of military distinctions and to provide in depth insight into military roles and responsibilities.
  • We look for evidence of distinctive leadership, teamwork and problem solving indicators in our candidate resume submissions.
  • We align ourselves with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) such as the American Legion to continuously develop our contact and relationship knowledgebase for additional outreach resources to keep us connected to relevant pools of veterans that are coming available for hire.
  • We communicate our needs with the local Veterans Employment Representatives at the American Job Center and other similar organizations.
  • We utilize both and Veterans Job Bank to seek out veteran candidates.
  • Lastly, we have developed an internal system to determine how military careers, ratings, and experience can help us identify quality veteran candidates to meet the needs of the job and licensing requirements consistently for our clients.

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looking for professional talent

We like to work with great people. We particularly like bright, talented people who are mission focused, goal oriented, who love working in teams, and who are always striving to learn and give their best.

If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you. We’re successful, we’re growing, and we aim to be the best place you’ve ever worked.

If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you. We’re successful, we’re growing, and we aim to be the best place you’ve ever worked.

career opportunities

At AAI, we know that hiring and retaining top-quality people is essential to our success.