our mission

AAI’s global mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more by providing our products and services at a lower cost and faster delivery through innovative management processes, controls and systems that will produce immediate savings, process improvements and overall customer satisfaction to our clients and their entire customer base.

our vision

AAI envisions an organization that continuously crafts dynamically-engineered solutions for our clients to foster change transformation, business process improvements and repeatable, resultant successful outcomes to optimize a return on their investment for all key stakeholders and decisionmakers.

why choose us

Your mission is our mission

AAI puts the needs of our clients and team members first. We intentionally focus on the success of others and what matters most to them. Over the years, we have discovered that by following this model, AAI is able to consistently deliver on our promises, and by following this principle, AAI’s success has naturally followed.

Our excellent reputation is of utmost importance

AAI believes that when we deliver positive experiences through the results we promise, our customer base continues to grow because our customers can trust our services and the customer service levels that they experience when working with AAI.  Trust is earned and not given.  AAI doesn’t mind having to work hard to earn your valuable trust, and because of the value we place in your trust, we work twice as hard to maintain trust once we have earned it.


Integrity” and “honesty” are more than just words to say in order to earn business

AAI’s leadership truly leads by example.  When we commit or promise to deliver the highest quality solutions and services, we have never figured out how to not deliver as promised.  We believe in the old saying, “Your word is your bond.”


We place Performance over Profit

AAI has made a commitment and conscious decision as an organization to place our focus on delivering on our promises, on time, under budget and by maximizing innovation, expertise and proven industry practices that result in a Win/Win/Win for all stakeholders.


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