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Delivery of increased efficiencies and reduced costs are only a fraction of the benefits provided by optimizing supply chains.  When a business strategy and supply chain are aligned, organizations experience benefits that range from sustained, profitable growth to operational performance.  AAI will partner with you to determine the root cause of your challenges and implement a tactical approach to achieving your organization’s directives. AAI is a value driven firm with a focus on utilizing operations and process improvements to assist you in strengthening and realizing your strategic objectives.

At AAI, we understand that government and public sector agencies face special challenges in the running of their operations. Agency leaders and boards must address many of the same operational and technological issues as the private sector while providing accountability and transparency to many different constituency groups. Additionally, agencies must reconcile balancing public funds and grants with delivering quality public service as efficiently as possible.

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We understand the financial and operational challenges you face. Our government-focused team of highly-skilled professionals is dedicated to advising you on a full range of solutions to meet your needs at the federal, state, and local level—from technology and operational efficiencies to training your internal staff and ensuring your financial projections are accurate, free of duplications and highly reliable. We’ll enhance agency credibility by helping you build and maintain trust with your constituents by delivering solutions to meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s possibilities.

AAI can provide your Agency with Subject Matter Expert consulting and operational support services through our Supply Chain Management Division in the areas of Supply Chain Services and Strategy, Supplier Relationship Management, Sourcing and Procurement, Transportation and Logistics utilizing our professional and highly-skilled staff, data analytics, consistent stakeholder engagement, and our keen ability to communicate effectively with leadership within your organization.

our SMEs specialize in the following areas of focus

Change and Organizational Management – Champion transition from current state to future state. AAI executes based on business and performance goals defined and developed side-by-side with our clients. We provide a thorough and accurate accounting of change impacts on systems, applications, and employees.

Process Improvement/Reengineering – Process Improvement– In today’s world with new technology being created every day a constant review of processes is needed to ensure the most efficient ones are in use. In addition, many processes rely on the proper use of technology to succeed. We ensure that both the process and technology are performing at an optimum level.

Billing and Procurement – Understanding the breadth of costs associated with IT services delivery. Applying and incorporating all costs into optimized sourcing of services and equipment to obtain the correct level of service required for the enterprise. We evaluate business needs and compare them to vendor capabilities to ensure alignment of terms and conditions as well as costs.

Asset/Inventory Management – Organizations have many IT assets from equipment (i.e. laptops, switches, routers, servers, etc.) to software licenses (i.e., Microsoft, Adobe, AWS, SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow etc.) to medical equipment and medical supplies.  Our Asset Management expertise and tools allows visibility into equipment, supplies and software actually in use and how it’s being used. Asset management also allows IT to optimize asset spend.

As a part of our Asset/Inventory Management Services – we navigate the complex and multiple data sources required to establish an accurate inventory across vendors, saving the enterprise valuable resource time and effort.


Predictive planning through industry-leading visibility and collaboration tools


Through network design, optimization and innovative technology


Access to industry-leading tools and analytics, re-engineering, and network flow analysis

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